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eyelash extensions sets

Classic eyelash extensions sets are the most natural looking sets we offer. These sets are the lightest in density and will only give you a light mascara look. These sets would be best for clients who are new to false lashes. Please schedule a consultation at the salon if you are unsure of the set you would like.

eyelash extensions sets

Hybrid Eyelash Extension Sets are the happy medium between classic and volume sets. Clients who select hybrid are clients who wish to have a more visible look to their lashes. Hybrid sets are highly recommended for the everyday working woman who wish to eliminate the need for makeup.

eyelash extensions sets

This technique is used to make lashes appear very full and fluffy! If you wish to have very full lashes this would be the service to pick! This particular set can last for 3 to 4 weeks before needing a refill please schedule your fill appointments between 3 to 3 1/2 weeks to avoid needing a new set.

Express Refill

Classic Express fills are for clients who are experiencing premature fall out; clients must still have 75% of their lashes left to receive this service. Express fills are only honored for up tp 3 days after your original appointment anything after would be considered a full refill.


This service is for clients who have already received the hybrid set and are looking to get a refill, or if you have the classic set and are looking to transition to hybrid this service will be for you. Please note that you may not go down in set if you are wishing to transition down from hybrid to classic you must schedule a removal to get a new set.


Volume refills are for clients who have received a volume set. Clients may also book the volume fill if they wish to transition from classic or hybrid. Please note that once you transition you may not go back down in set without scheduling a removal. When booking your refill appointment you MUST have 40-50% of your lashes left .


Proper removal of the eyelash extensions without damage of the natural eyelash. Please book a removal if we have not supplied you with your initial set. We do not work behind others because our products are different.

Wax & Tint

The use of wax to sculpt eyebrows into a stylish, flattering and well-defined shape. Brow shapes may be glamorous or natural, whatever suits your style, the addition of color to define brows. This draws attention to the eyes and can give them a brighter, more lifted look.